Review Of 2018 and What I’m expecting from 2019

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I started this blog in summer 2017 but nothing ever came from it. I lost motivation and didn’t really have any sense of direction for it and I ended up abandoning It but I came back to it late 2018.

So to start 2019 on the right foot, I’ve decided to share my accomplishments and failures for 2018 and what I’m planning to accomplish in 2019. I’m planning to make this something I do yearly.

Here’s how my 2018 went.

I Created My Computer Science Self Study Plan

I got inspired by John Washam’s CodingInterview University Github repo and Teach Yourself Computer Science to create my own learning path to improve my skills. I’m passionate about learning new things but never really had a structured way to learn new things. I would just read a blog post and watch YouTube videos to learn new things but not in a structured manner. So I decided to take the bull by the horn and improve my overall knowledge to become a better Developer. You can view it on my GitHub profile.

I got Employed as A developer

My plan was initially to attend a FullStack Academy but I ended up taking a different route and ended up getting hired as an apprentice Software Developer through Launch Code. This job has been amazing so far, looking forward to seeing how I can contribute more.

Relaunched My Blog

Late 2018 I decided to relaunch my blog. I have a much clearer vision for my blog and I can see my self posting more this year. I learned A lot of new things in Computer Science & Software Development

  • Got to better understand Computer Architecture
  • Improved On My Fundamental Programming Knowledge
  • Learned Algorithms and Data Structures
  • Learned React JS
  • Learned React Router
  • Learned Node JS
  • Learned Backend Development
  • Learned How To Create A Rest API
  • Learned MongoDB
  • Learned a bit of Vue Js
  • Learned CSS FlexBox & Some CSS Grid
  • Learned ES6 Syntax
  • Learned WebPack

Things I did not accomplish

  • Complete My Computer Science Self Study Plan
  • Get A Job with A Company Where I’m working on a product
  • Learn Vue Js Fully
  • Learn Redux

I didn’t have any clear cut goals for 2018 but I believe I achieved a lot last year. I’m expecting to achieve 100x in 2019 than I did in 2018.

Here’s what I’m looking forward to in 2019.

Things I wish to accomplish in 2019

  • Complete My Computer Science Self Study Plan (Database & Networking is left to complete)
  • Solidify My knowledge of the React Ecosystem (ReactJS, Redux, React Router)
  • Learn More About Vue Js
  • Improve my software testing skills
  • Learn Design Pattern
  • Learn About Cloud Computing
  • Learn Distributed Systems
  • Improve My Backend Development Skills
  • Learn About Product Management
  • Read 20 Books this Year (Audio Or Physical)
  • Improve Object-Oriented Programming Knowledge
  • Re-Learn Python and Improve Knowledge
  • Learn system design
  • Write 2 blog post per month
  • Write 3 guest blog posts
  • Be featured on a podcast or youtube channel
  • Complete 2 personal projects

Last year was a year where I improved a lot and I look forward to seeing all the growth 2019 have in store for me.