My Software Development Computer Setup

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I’ve been working as a Software Developer since 2015. When I started out the tools and products I used were very basic. As my career progressed and I interacted with other developers, I learned about new and better tools and products. The setup I’ll be writing about is my personal computer setup and not the setup I use at work. All the tools and products that I mention are opinions based on personal preference.

The Laptop: Mid 2015 Apple MacBook Pro

For the majority of my life I’ve used a windows based computer. I made the switch from windows to macOs a few months ago and I’ve been enjoying it so far.

I currently have a mid-2015 MacBook Pro running MacOs Mojave.

The Text Editor: Sublime Text 3

Sublime have been one of my most used Text Editor over my career. I started out coding in Notepad++ then I switched to Sublime Text. I then switched to Atom, I really liked Atom because of all the plugins and features but I eventually ditched Atom for Sublime Text because Atom seemed very slow in my opinion.

Here is a list of my most used sublime text themes, syntax highlighter, and plugins:

The Terminal: Iterm2

I switch the Default terminal app to Iterm2 when I got my new MacBook Pro. I decided to make the switch because of how customizable it is.

The Shell: Z Shell(Zsh)

Along with switching my terminal app, I also switch from BASH to ZSH. ZSH is UNIX shell that is an extension of the Bourne shell.
Alongside ZSH I’ve installed Oh My ZSH, which is a framework for managing and customizing Zsh. Oh My ZSH includes plugins and themes to make your terminal more outstanding and look cooler.

I use Wes Bos’ Cobalt 2 theme for my terminal. The main plugins I use in Oh My ZSH are git and the sublime plugin that allows me to open projects and files from the terminal.

The FTP: Filezilla

My got to FTP application is Filezilla, I recently switched to it from coreFtp.

The Windows Manager: Spectacle

To keep my desktop organized and manageable I use spectacles. It allows you to use a set of keyboard shortcuts to manage opened windows. This allows you to share the screen with multiple application, given you have the screen real estate. You can split the window in halves (vertically & horizontally), thirds and into fourths.

The Spotlight Search Replacer: Alfred

I replaced spotlight search with Alfred. This has allowed me to be so productive. The search for Alfred allows you to search files, apps and also popular website.

The shell helper: Go2Shell

Go2Shell is one of my favorite application. It allows you to open a terminal session from a folder you currently have open.

The Cloud Server Provider: Digital Ocean

I chose Digital Ocean as my cloud server provider because not only is the product great and affordable but the support is awesome. Digital Ocean provide a lot of Helpful tutorial to help you figure out how to configure you cloud server.

The Productivity Tools & Misc.

This is a list of productivity tools I use on a daily basis

My work development environment includes a bit more since I work with different programming languages and frameworks at work.

Being a developer is less stressful when you have the right set of tools to work with. There’s a boatload of available tools that can make your life easier as a developer, I’ve only scratched the surface of what’s available with my list. The best thing for any developer to do is set up their environment to their liking that allows them to develop in a productive environment. I hope this post has been helpful to you and guide you into creating your own unique Development environment.