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Hello World! My name is Lenique Noralez, I’m a Software Engineer currently living in St.Louis, Mo. I recently moved here from Belize, where I spent majority of my life. I was born in FairFax, VA but moved to Belize at about the age of 3.

I created this blog to share the things I’ve learn, projects I’m working on, my opinion on anything tech related and to share my Software Engineer career journey and experiences.

I first got into coding when I was about 18 but really started to seek it as a career when I was about 24. I enjoy coding because it allows me to be creative in a technical way. Hacking away at things, creating things with code and solving problems is what motivates me.

My coding “Philosophy” is “Knowing that something work isn’t enough”. I developed this when I started learning about Computer Architecture. When I got to understand how a computer work on a lower level I realized all the assumption I was making. Understanding how a computer works on a lower level can empower you to write better software. Whenever I approach a new technology, I now digger deeper into it’s piece and seek to understand it fully.

As developer you have to be constantly learning new things. I’ve created a learning method that I use called the Eagle and Ant Learning method. The method takes a “Top Down Approach”, first you get and overview of what the entire topic is suppose to achieve, this is the Eagle, then you go in details on topics in the subject of study, this is the ant . When learning I tend to do video course and supplement them with reading documentation and other resources. I tend to learn a topic from multiple source to get different explanation on a subject, this is easy with the amount of free/affordable quality resource easily available online.I believe there is no one fit mold when it comes to learning, it is good to get tips from others but eventually you will have to find your own learning model.

I look forward to sharing my career journey and all the things that I’m learning. Feel free to email me at info@leniquenoralez.com. I’m not a big social media person but you can follow me on Twitter and Instagram @BasicallyNeko.