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My name is Lenique Noralez, I'm a Software Engineer currently living in St.Louis, MO. I'm a self taught software engineer passionate about the creative process of building things with code.

The reason I created this blog is to document things that I'm learning, share projects that I'm working on, and to share my opinion on anything computer science, software engineering and tech related.

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SQL is a programming language used to store, retrieve and manipulate data in a database. SQL is also used to . . .

A data model is an abstract model used to organize your application data and describes how your data relate to one another . . .

At the heart of all application is the database where all data related to the application is stored. In a . . .

I started this blog in summer 2017 but nothing ever came from it. I lost motivation and didn’t really have . . .

My Software Development Computer Setup

I’ve been working as a Software Developer since 2015. When I started out the tools and products I used were . . .


React + Firebase: To Do App

A simple single page application to track things you need to get done. Users can create an account and start creating To Do lists to track their daily tasks.


This project was built using ReactJs, CSS, JavaScript, and Firebase. Firebase is used for user Authentication and Data Storage. The UI is built using ReactJs and uses React Router for routing in the application. The application was deployed to Heroku so it can be accessible.